Schedule of Library Services During the Coronavirus Containing Period

Release time:2020-02-06193

1 Opening Schedule

Opening of library's on-site services is subject to strategies taken by the university against the coronavirus.

2 Services available while the library closes

2.1 Book return

Before resuming its services, the library will not receive any book returns, and the 24-hr self-return machine will be shut down. Return of due books can be delayed until a time to be announced.


2.2 Borrowing books

While the library closes, books cannot be borrowed in the normal way. If needed indeed, a call can be made on a book as specified below:

1)       Find the information on the book wanted on the library website.

2)       Send the information of the book (title, author and call number) and reader’s information (name, Campus Card No. and cell phone number) to:

3)       When receiving the required information, the library staff will get the book from the bookshelf and record the borrowed item on the reader’s Campus Card.

4)       The library staff will send an email letter to or call by phone the reader, informing him or her of when and where the book can be picked up.


A temporary pick-up point will be arranged by the library. The reader can pick up the borrowed item by going to the pick-up point and find the item with his or her name on. It is required that the reader inform the library when pick-up is done by sending an email letter ( to or calling (86-755-8801-0800) the library.


2.3 Inter-Library Loan (ILL) and Document Delivery

While the library closes, print ILL service shall close, but service of electronic documents is still available as specified below:

The reader submits a request online following instructions on the library website, or send the request to:

Contact Person: SHEN Hui

Telephone Number:86-755-8801-0792


2.4 Use of E-resources

The subscribed databases can be accessed as usual. To ensure that SUSTech staff and students can access electronic resources outside campus, the library has made joint effort with publishers and Information Technology Services of the university to provide 5 kinds of remote access. Details please refer to Off-Campus Access to E-resources of the library. We will continue to contact with publishers and update information concerning off-campus access to databases.

2.5 Recommend a Purchase

Recommendation can be made, but borrowing service closes.

The reader can make the recommendation online by going to the library website (, or by sending an email letter to:

Service hours: Mon.-Fri., 8:30-12:00,14:00-17:30

Contact person: Li Jingqi

Telephone: 86-755-8801-0805


2.6 Reference Services

1)Service for using databases

Contact the Subject Librarian when having problems or queries using a database. For contact information, please see the introduction page of each database.

2)The reader can contact the Subject Librarian responsible for liaison work with individual departments by email or telephone. Please see the contact list as shown on the library’s website (

3)General inquiries

Service hours: Mon.-Fri., 8:30-12:00,14:00-17:30




2.7 Scholarly Output Reporting

Services are available as usual. Requesters can submit the request and receive the report by email. Please go to the library’s website for details of the services. (

Please be reminded: fulfilment of a request for a report sealed by the Library of the University Town is subject to the availability of their related services, and the report can only be delivered by express at the address of receiver.


2.8 Information Literacy Education Programs

We will provide online information literacy education programs.  Details please refer to Information Literacy Instruction of the library.

Together we are, braving the storm till we conquer.