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Inter-library Loan (ILL) and Document Delivery refers to obtaining a document (a book, an article or some other material) from other libraries at the request of a patron when he/she cannot find it at our own library

For all kinds of Chinese and foreign literature not included in the library, patrons can send a document request (including Chinese and foreign periodical articles, books, dissertations, conference documents, etc.) to the Document Delivery and Inter-library Loan Office.

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The library obtains documents from other libraries upon the request of teachers and students. Journal and other electronic documents will be sent directly to the email of the applicant, where as printed books will be collected at the service desk and the patronwill be informed to come and pick up the books they requested. Books borrowed from other libraries should comply with the relevant rules and regulations of that library.

Service Object

All teachers, students and alumni of SUSTech University

Application by Teachers and Students

The library will provide a subsidy of RMB 500 per person per year for the cost of inter-library loan/document delivery. No subsidy will be provided for the excess amount.


Send your request to

Application by Alumni

1.The Library provides electronic document (purchased by the Llibrary) delivery service for alumni. Inter-library loan of printed

 resources are not available.

2. Application method: Please send your SID number (indicating alumni), name and the information of the document needed to

Contact Us

Contact Person: Shen Hui

Telephone: 0755-88010792 (Monday to Friday: 8:30-11:30, 13:30-17:30)


Patrons shall follow the relevant regulations and rules regarding intellectual properties when using the obtained documents and these documents shall only be used for personal academic purposes.