General Information

  • JD Read provides more than 200,000 genuine and quality e-books, not only books on specialized subjects, but also leisure books such as original works of films and television series, photography, painting and novels as well as classic literature home and abroad that enrich spirit, broaden horizon and fulfill various needs. JD Read has built-in functions such as voice reading, encyclopedia and dictionary, full-text search, Chinese-English translation, so that users can read everything with one device in hand.

  • You can check in/out the JD Read with your mobile phone number and campus card in just 1 minute from the JD Read self-check in/out cabinet. As simple as this!

  • JD Read makes reading so much easier because users “bring a library along with them”!


  • 1. After borrowing, please carefully check whether the JD Read can be used. If there is any damage or malfunction, please contact the staff at the library service desk immediately.
    2. When returning the JD Read, please strictly follow the voice prompts of the self-service borrowing and returning cabinet. Please contact the staff at the service desk immediately when the door cannot be closed or multiple door are opened, etc.
    3. Once the user leave the cabinet, he or she is responsible for any resulting damages, malfunctions and other issues.
    4. During use, please keep from extrusion, drop, water, etc. If there is damage caused, user should compensate for the repair cost or pay for the price of the new machine.
    5. After JD Read is returned, the system will automatically restore, please mind your personal information.
    6. Please abide by relevant laws and regulations of national Internet and copyright management when downloading the electronic resources. If there is any violation, the user shall bear the relevant legal responsibilities.
    7. Do not format JD Read, and do not delete any files. It is forbidden to download harmful and illegal programs or information, and it is forbidden to disassemble without authorization. In case of violation, compensation shall be made according to the cost of restoration and penalties shall be imposed.             


  • JD Read self-check in/out cabinet, Computer Hub on the first floor of Yidan Library.