Scholarly output report provides an official sealed report verifying the research ability of a scholar by searching the inclusion and citation of the scholar’s publications in databases such as SCI, SSCI and EI upon patrons’ requests.

To learn more about the instruction of the Scholarly Output Report System and FAQs, please visit the topic guide of Scholarly Output Report.

Target Users

SUSTech faculty and students.

Scholarly Output Reporting System



Procedure of the Service

Notice: If reports issued by organizations certified by “Sci-Tech Novelty Retrieval Center”are needed, please apply through University Town Library of Shenzhen. 


1. Application Purpose:  Please check "For the purpose of review by SUSTech Academic Committee(Scholarly Output Reports)" if the report is used for review by SUSTech Academic Committee.

2. Suggestion for Checking Searching Databases


Language and type of article


Science and Technology,



English Journal article


English Conference Paper


Chinese Journal article


Humanities and Social Sciences


English Journal article


Chinese Journal article



English Journal article


Chinese Journal article


3. Fill in information of documents: We recommend adding documents by “Importing documents”if there are many documents. You can choose either one of the following:

  Excel:Excel example.xls OR How to Export Excel documents from SUSTech Knowledge Common(KC).docx

  BibTex: How to export BibText Document.doc

4. Anyone of first co-authors, who is not in the first place of the authorship, cannot be identified automatically in the system, so the original full-text article needs to be provided and annotated. 

Contact Us

Service Hours: 8:30 am-11:30 am, 13:30 pm-17:30 pm, Monday-Friday (National Holidays are excluded.)

Service Location: Room 201, Yidan Library

Tel: 0755-88010814


Contact person: Min Sun/Qinlv WU / Siqin JIANG


1. Only when the article is included in the database can the article be listed in the scholarly output report. If the article has not been included in the databases for the time being, please understand that the article cannot be listed in the report.

2. Completion of a report usually takes 3-5 workdays depending on the number of papers. If the number of papers is larger, it will take more time. Please check your email to receive report. If there are no errors, you can directly print the electronic stamped report.

3. In the peak period of application such as talent projects and research funding, there will be more requests and the completion time will be longer. So please submit your application as early as possible.