• General Information

      • The library has three meeting and event areas, which are

      • 1. Lecture Hall 301 of Yidan Library, with 76 fixed seats


      • 2. Studio 101 of Yidan Library, suitable for 30-35 people

      • 3. Lecture Hall 101 of Learning Nexus, suitable for 50-60 people

      Terms of Use

      • 1. Reservations can be made up to one month in advance and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you cannot attend the event as scheduled, you must contact the library at least 1 day in advance to cancel the reservation. 

      • 2.Events should focus on the purpose of the reservation.

      • 3. No posters, name stickers or other decoration are allowed to put up on the walls and furniture of the library. The existing decoration of the library shall not be modified or damaged during events.

      • 4. Make the room clean and tidy before living. 

      • 5. Except for that in Learning Nexus, the lecture hall and the studio room

        of Yidan Library are not allowed to hold activities with foods or drinks.

      • 6. If required, training is available on how to use facilities in the room, but other meeting support services are not provided.

      • 7.Do not disturb the operation of library or other patrons during the event.

      • 8.As a public place, the lecture halls and studio room will not be used as the area for regular events, except for library information literacy lectures.

      • 9.If there is damage to equipment or furniture, users of the space shall bear the responsibility of maintenance or compensation.

      How to reserve

      • 1. Phone:  0755- 88010800

      • 2. At Service Desk: Lynn Library and Yidan Library

      make an appointment