Relying on the advantages of abundant information resources, Southern University of Science and Technology Library, under the guidance of the Multiple Dimension Evaluation Theory, provides services for academic competitiveness of institutions, discipline development trends and customized statistical reports of research output, by using techniques of informatics and data mining, thus helping the university, administrative departments and faculties with decision makings in different areas, such as talent program development, scientific research and international exchange and cooperation.

 In recent years, the library has provided the university leadership, Research Office and faculties with customized analysis and benchmarking reports. It has also provided data support services for research awards applications and the departmental statistics. If you’re interested in common bibliometric indicators and their applications in University Rankings and Highly Cited Researchers, and the popular index databases and research performance analysis platforms, please refer to Topic Guide of Bibliometrics & Research ImpactResearch Evaluation and Analysis Database.


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Responsible Use of Bibliometrics

Bibliometrics provides quantitative analysis for scholarly publications as an indication of their academic impact. However, bibliometrics cannot replace qualitative evaluation methods such as peer review. Many bibliometric indicators have both strengths and weaknesses, so they are not always applicable for the assessment with different purposes. Therefore, it’s necessary to be aware of the definition, calculation method and limitations of different indicators, so as to make responsible use of quantitative indicators in the assessment of research performance. Chinese authorities have issued several documents regarding proper evaluation orientations and a sound evaluation category system. The international academic community has issued two important documents on scientific research evaluation:  The San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment and The Leiden Manifesto. For relevant information, please refer to Guidelines for Fair Use of Bibliometric Indicators.