This column focuses on trainings by publishers, such as the use of popular databases, paper writing and submission especially for scientific papers. We invite well-known editors and  professors to talk about issues in paper writing and publication, covering writing skills, submission guidelines, academic ethics and peer reviews, etc. Each workshop lasts about one hour, and notifications of workshops will be sent through the library website, WeChat official account and email.

Contact: Joey Wang (+86-755-88010791,

Database Provider Training

For the use of specialized databases, the library can contact the database company and invite database providers for onsite training. Such as WRDS, Wind, SciFinder, Reaxys, etc.

If necessary, please contact subject librarians for more information.

Database Online Training

1. Web of Science Learning

1.1 Self-Guided Learning
Click course link to open the course page, including InCites (English), Web of Science Platform (English, Russian), EndNote (English), ScholarOne Manuscripts (English).

1.2 Live Training
Click training schedule for a detailed list. Duration: Jul. - Dec., 2023. Sign up for live training webinars.
Recommended live courses are listed below:

Beijing Time

Class (Language)

Jul. 17 (Mon.) 9:00

Aug. 28 (Mon.) 9:00

Web of Science:   Evolving Your Search (English)

Jul. 24 (Mon.) 9:00

Sept. 4 (Mon.) 9:00

Web of Science:   Managing Researcher Profiles (English)

Aug. 4 (Fri.) 18:30

Web of Science   Essentials - What is Web of Science & Where is Web of Science used? (English)

Aug. 18 (Fri.) 18:30

Web of Science   Essentials - Introduction on Core collection (English)

Sept. 1 (Fri.) 18:30

Web of Science   Essentials - PQDT Citation Index (English)

Sept. 6 (Wed.) 16:00

Oct. 5 (Thur.) 16:00

Getting Started with   Web of Science a discovery solution (English)

Sept. 15 (Fri.) 10:00

Oct. 17 (Tue.) 10:00

Nov. 6 (Mon.) 10:00

Web of Science (Mandarin)

Sept. 20 (Wed.) 16:00

Dec. 20 (Wed.) 15:00

Web of Science   Researcher Profile: Discover your impact story from Researchers Profile   Metrics (English)

Sept. 22 (Fri.) 18:30

Web of Science   Essentials - Research on Subject with WoS (English)

Oct. 18 (Wed.) 16:00

Nov. 7 (Tue.) 15:00

Dec. 7 (Thur.) 15:00

Web of Science – Your   First Step to Research Discovery (English)

Nov. 22 (Wed.) 15:00

Web of Science: PQDT   Citation Index - An Overview (English)

2.  IEEE Xplore MOOC 2023 Fall

Courses link: 
Please click the link or scan the QR code below to register before the class starts. Each user only needs to register once to participate in all courses in the form.


Class (Mandarin)


主题一(a: IEEE Xplore 助力高校科研,洞察全球技术趋势


主题一(b: 巧用 IEEE Xplore 进阶检索技巧,精确定位目标文献


主题二:  IEEE 学术资源分享,获悉最新动态


主题三:  IEEE 步履不停:领航开放科学之路


主题四:  IEEE 投稿攻略,攻克投稿壁垒


主题五:  IEEE 科技论文发表锦囊


主题六: 善用 IEEE 衔接学业与职业发展


主题七:IEEE 标准简介