Iresearch Rewarded eBooks Free Access Activity

Release time:2022-04-2247

As World Book and Copyright Day is approaching, Iresearch give free access to a selection of more than 2,000 prize-awarded works for our patrons. From April 11th to July 31st, patrons can get access to more than 2,000 eBooks for free, which has won international book awards worldwide, including Choice Outstanding Academic Titles, Prose Award, Nobel Prize winners’ works, Pulitzer Prize, etc.


Time: April 11th, 2022—— July 31st, 2022


1. Within the Campus IP.

2. Support remote access by VPN or CARSI if outside the Campus.


How to access:

Platform: Click the“获奖图书大赏” banner, enter the page of Iresearch Awarded Works, then click the eBooks on this page.


Attention: The eBooks can be read online, but can not be downloaded.

Step 1Platform Front Page—Click on this Banner

Step 2Enter the page of Iresearch Awarded Works