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Release time:2019-11-25195

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Period of validity : Nov.25 to Jan.14

Nano at is the Nature Research solution for nanoscience and technology offering the most comprehensive collection of nanomaterial data and literature references. Now you could find Nanomaterial Summaries, Nanotechnology Articles and Patents all in one place.

Nanotechnology articles

-Machine-learned index of nanotechnology articles by AAAS, ACS, Elsevier, RSC, Springer Nature, Wiley and more

-Daily-updated index of nanotechnology articles

-Contextual insights from full text based on search input

Nanomaterial summaries

-Manually curated nanomaterial summaries covering: Size, Nanostructure, Composition, Application, Characterization, Toxicity and Property

-Preparation methods of nanomaterials in step-by-step synthesis schemes

-Easy to retrieve and compare nanomaterial variant data such as medium, support and dimension

Nanotechnology patents

-Nanotechnology - related patents only selected based on nano-related classification

-Easily accessible patent claim information within a single click

-Standardised patent summaries translated into English