Library’s System of Scholarly Output Reporting Goes Live

Release time:2020-07-07196

In order to improve the efficiency and simplify the process of applying for scholarly output reporting of our faculty and students, the SUSTech library will use the CALIS System of Scholarly Output Reporting. After several months of testing, the system goes live now. Applicants no longer need to fill in the previous forms required, instead, all applicants should submit their application through the system.


The benefits of using this system include:


l  No registration is required. Just log in via the university’s CAS system;

l  It is fast and convenient to submit your application, and you can view the details of the application, track updates, contact librarians, download reports, and view previous reports at any time;

l  All records of the submitted paper are saved in “my account”. Just check the records you need when applying next time, which will save your time.


If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Sun Min. (Phone: 88010814, email:


For more information, please visit the Scholarly Output Reporting on the library website.