Platform Introduction

As a key component of the university knowledge management infrastructure, SUSTech Knowledge Commons (SUSTech KC) is a platform for collecting, storing, displaying, disseminating, and preserving scholarly outputs of the university. At present, SUSTech KC collects journal papers, conference papers, dissertations, books and book chapters, and patents, etc. Metadata and full-text are either automatically collected from source databases through APIs, or manually submitted by scholars.

SUSTech KC’s main modules:

Publications: Present the academic achievements of the university from multiple angles and support  browsing, searching, downloading, and exporting of the publications.

Faculties: Display scholars, academic outputs, and analytical  results by colleges and departments.

Scholars: Integrate scholar’s personal information with outputs of scholar’s full academic career, and offer exporting of resums as well as browsing, searching, and exporting of the academic outputs.

Theses: Collect, sort, browse, search, and download theses and dissertations of the postgraduate students of the university.

SUSTech Journals: Display, browse, search, and download SUSTech official publications.

Statistics: Provide statistical analysis of academic achievements from multiple angles based on the data available in KC, e.g. analysis by colleges and departments, scholars, publications. ESI indicators, calculation of NI, and university rankings are also provided here.

Types of Services

Since March 2020, SUSTech KC has been used as the official data source for University’s annual performance assessment for articles and books. The following KC-based services are provided for the university and individuals:

Faculties’ annual performance review: direct and assist departmental KC administrators and research group secretaries in publications submission, confirmation, and approval for generating statistical reports by colleges and schools; aggregate the departmental statistics  for HR to conduct faculties’ annual performance review.

Scholars’ annual performance review: provide guidance and help to departmental KC administrators, research group secretaries, and scholars in publications’ submission, confirmation, approval, and outputs reports exporting for data support of scholars’ annual performance review.

Set up personal homepage: set up the personal homepage for SUSTch scholars by collecting and cleaning their scholarly output data and complete their resumes so that they can display, manage, and use their achievements conveniently.

Submission and Approval of Theses and Dissertations: allow submission of theses and dissertations by SUSTech postgraduate students;check and approve the submission; provide certificate of submission for their university leaving clearance.

Other data services: other services based on the scholarly outputs data, such as application for  master's and doctor’s degree program and SUSTech annual report and yearbook etc.

Gentle reminder

1. The services provided on the platform are based on the published academic achievements of the university, and unpublished outputs are excluded.

2. SUSTech KC automatically collects scholarly output published in the Web of Science core collection, Scopus database, Wangfang database, and PatSnap which is a global patent database. If the publications to be countered are not included in these databases, , they should be added to the platform by manual submission.

3. Even though KC aims to collect data as latest as possible, there will be some delay for the update of the latest scholarly output in KC, due to the time lag between the publication of the scholarly output and its curation in database, and then from database to KC..

4. The process of auto attribution to each  department fails when the publication’s affiliation address contains only SUSTech University but no specific information of the secondary or tertiary organization. When publishing articles,scholars are required to comply with the Affiliation Standards formulated by the Office of Research.

5. The managers of knowledge curation from Library and faculty research secretaries as KC administrators jointly maintain KC data’s accuracy and integrity. When you have any problem, please contact your departmental administrator or give your feedback to the library KC administrator.

6. Please refer to the “Help” column for the contact information of departmental KC administrators and other remainders.

Contact Us

Service Hours: 8:30 am-11:30 am, 13:30 pm-17:30 pm, Monday-Friday (Public Holidays are excluded.)

Submission and Approval of Theses and Dissertations: Ms Wang Wei (Tel: 0755-88010811; Email:

Other Services: Ms Sun Xueying (Tel: 0755-88010811; Email:

 Training Material

Training Material for Secretaries of Research Groups

Document Download 

SUSTech KC User Manual.pdf

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