Submit Course Reserves

Course reserves refer to books, articles and other materials that instructors ask students to read. In light of this, the library has developed a collection of course reserves listed by instructors for students to use, usually only in the library.

How to search: Please visit the library homepage and search Course Name, Course Code, Instructor in the search box of Course Reserves.

How to borrow: by Self-Check in/out machine in the Room 203, Yidan Library, patrons can borrow such a book for up to 4 hours each time.

Contact: We welcome faculty and TAs of departments / centers to contact subject librarians (see Contact Us) in support of new needs for course reserve books.

                                                                  Example of Searching for Course Reserves

Method 1

1. In the search box for 'Course Reserves' on the library homepage, enter the course name or the name of the instructor, for example, 薄膜材料及技术 or 孙小卫, and click on search 

2. On the search result page, click to view the information of the course reserves, such as the call number, location, etc. 

3. Continue to click and view the availability of the course reserves 

Method 2

In the search box on the library homepage, enter the title of the course reserves. For example, enter Introduction to Robotics: Mechanics and Control, click search and find the record with the lable of COURSE. Other steps are the same as above.