Dec. 2020

Southern University of Science and Technology has just celebrated its 10th birthday, and the library also opened two new libraries before the anniversary: the Yidan Library and the Learning Nexus.

Milan Kundera once said that young is the one that plunges in the future and never looks back. This is a perfect description of SUSTech and her library. After ten years of hard work, SUSTech has lived up to the high expectations of the Shenzhen people and achieved remarkable results; her library has reached a new height in all four frames: spaces, resources, technologies applied, and services. Being accepted as a member library of PRRLA is a hallmark of such a new height.

At this time when we have achieved remarkable results, we need to be more calm, a little slower, and we should also look back at the road we have traveled, so that in the future we will walk on a straighter and flatter road with more steady steps. The reason why this idea occurs in my mind is that the librarian is a light-bearer. The light he holds is to provide light to those who are looking for treasures and infinite possibilities; only when this light is always on, inextinguishably, can they find these treasures and unearth those possibilities.

My colleagues and I will continue to be light-bearers, as qualified as we can make ourselves.

E Henian