Library : Notice on Graduation Process for graduates of 2024 Class

Release time:2024-06-1210

June 12, 2024

Dear graduates of 2024 class:

To handle the graduation process for the graduates of 2024 class, the library needs to make sure the graduates return all books/textbooks, pay for overdue fine, and submit dissertations. For undergraduate students, the tasks include: returning books/textbooks and paying for overdue fine. For graduate students, the tasks include: returning books/textbooks, paying for overdue fine, and submitting dissertations.

1. Returning of books/textbooks and payment for overdue fine

The library will terminate all borrowing privileges for graduates of 2024 class on June 17, 2023. Graduates will not be able to borrow books after that date. If you plan to borrow books, plan accordingly and return books before June 16th.

Graduates can check the status of book returning and overdue fine through the “mini app” program from June 18th. If you have no books/textbooks to return or no fine, the leaving-school system will automatically show that you have completed the tasks and no further action is required at the library. For students who need to return books/textbooks or pay for overdue fine after June 16th should go to the service desk on the second floor of the Yidan Library to process the related procedures. The working hour of the service desk at the Yidan Library is from 8:30 AM to 10:00 PM, seven days a week.

2. Submission of dissertations

From June 19th to July 7th, the library will review the final versions of the graduate student's dissertations. All graduate students, joint program graduate students, and joint program doctoral students need to submit their final versions of dissertations in the university's dissertation system before completing their graduation procedures. After being approved by the library, the leaving-school system will show that the submission of the dissertation has been completed.

2.1 Link to the dissertation system:

2.2 For instructions on submitting dissertations, please refer to the guidance on the library's LibGuides webpage:

To ensure the smooth operation of the dissertation system and efficient review by the library, graduates from each school should complete the submission procedures as scheduled below before July 7th, 2024.

Schedule of submitting dissertations of graduate students

School of Science

June 19th-June 23rd

School of Engineering

June 24th-June 30th

School of Business

School of Medicine

School of Life Sciences

July 1st-July4th

Other schools/departments

July 5th-July 7th

3. Kind reminder

If you have any questions about returning books or overdue fines, please contact 0755-88010800 or; if you have any questions about submitting dissertations, please contact 0755-88010811 or The library will do all we can to help.

We wish all the students happy and bright future!

SUSTech Library