Announcement on Adjusting the Management of Turnitin -- the Plagiarism Detection Tool

Release time:2024-02-2010

The library subscribes to the plagiarism detection tool Turnitin, which can be used for originality detection of English papers by matching the sources in the database. Given that the subscription fee of Turnitin is directly related to the number of user accounts, and with more and more people joining SUSTech, the number of accounts ordered by the library is not enough to meet the needs of all teachers and students.

Based on the current needs and problems, SUSTech library, the Graduate School, and Teaching Affairs Office have discussed and jointly adjusted the management of Turnitin as follows:

1. Detection for Dissertation

The library authorizes the Graduate School and Teaching Affairs Office to create instructor accounts for secretaries of the schools and departments, who will be responsible for helping plagiarism detection of dissertations.

2. Detection for Course Assignment and Doctoral Qualification Assessment

On the premise of prioritizing the plagiarism detection of English dissertations, the library will create accounts for faculty to a certain extent based on the number of surplus accounts for the plagiarism detection of course assignments and doctoral qualification assessments that are not coordinated by the Graduate School or Teaching Affairs Office.

3. Authorization of Account

To standardize the management and use of Turnitin, the library will only create instructor accounts for faculty, teaching professor, research professor, except for English dissertation authorized by the Graduate School and Teaching Affairs Office for secretaries of the schools and departments. If students or others need plagiarism detection for journal submissions, please contact their supervisors.

Please note that one month after the release of this announcement, the library will clean up the instructor accounts of those who are not faculty, teaching professor or research professor in the Turnitin system, as well as the instructor accounts with non-SUSTech email. Please save your data properly in advance.