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The AMS Book Program began with Colloquium series, which has its roots in the famous 1894 lectures of Felix Klein. Mathematical Surveys followed, as well as conference proceedings, volumes from summer workshops, and regular translations, especially from Russian. In the early 1990s, the AMS began adding additional monograph and copublication series (including Graduate Studies in Mathematics, Student Mathematical Library, Clay Mathematics, and Courant Lecture Notes). Since then, the list has grown to include additional series and an increasing number of books in general interest and recreational mathematics. In 2017, the AMS acquired the publishing program of the MAA Press, adding its innovative textbooks and high-quality monographs to the list.

The AMS Book Program serves the mathematical community by publishing books that further mathematical research, awareness, education, and the profession while generating resources that support other Society programs and activities. As a professional society of mathematicians and one of the worlds leading publishers of mathematical literature, they publish books that meet the highest standards for their content and production.

The library has purchased the AMS e-book MAA Press Series, Monographs series, until 2021, a total of 1687 e-books.