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Release time:2022-11-2242

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(B) Biology 生物学专辑

(N) Neuroscience 脑神经科学专辑

(I2) Immunology & Infection 免疫与传染学专辑

(M) Medicine医学专辑

(BE) Bioengineering 生物工程专辑

(C) Chemistry 化学专辑

(ENG) Engineering 工程学专辑

(DB) Developmental Biology 发育生物学专辑

G - Genetics 遗传学专辑

Bc - Biochemistry 生物化学专辑

EOE Bio - Encyclopedia of Experiments 视频实验百科


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JoVE is the worlds first PubMed-indexed scientific video journal. Its mission is to advance scientific research and education by increasing productivity, reproducibility, and efficiency of knowledge transfer for scientists, educators, and students worldwide through visual learning solutions. Today, JoVE has published over 16000 video articles from institutions including Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and the NIH. These video articles present cutting-edge research in over a dozen different fields of study and are viewed by millions of users in over 1000 institutions around the globe.