​Trial on Kaplan learning management system

Release time:2022-09-2250

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Period of validity : Sep. 16- Dec. 15

Kaplan-CITIC Education limited (hereinafter referred to as Kaplan-CITIC) is a joint venture founded by the worlds leading education company Kaplan Inc. and CITIC Press Group . It is committed to provide the financial and accounting courses and cutting-edge IT certification online resources, as well as involving the integration of resources in related fields. All the resources are developed and provided by Kaplan's professional team and industry experts.

Course Introduction

ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) certificate exam preparation course: there are three phrases of the course - applied knowledge, applied skills and strategic professional, respectively, with a total of 14 subjects, each subject has about 100 lessons.

CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) certificate preparation course: there are three levels of the exam -  Level1 includes about 168 lessons in 10 subjects, Level2 includes about 201 lessons in 10 subjects, and Level3 includes about 164 lessons in 7 subjects.

FRM (Financial Risk Manager) certificate: there are two parts of preparation exam, of which Part1 includes 4 subjects with about 65 lessons, and Part2 includes 6 subjects with about 100 lessons.

Kaplan provides two courses in the IT field - New Technologies for business (approx. 100 lessons) and Cybersecurity for business (approx. 50 lessons).

Kaplan databases provides all-level and all-subject category courses and resources.