Trial on Nature Synthesis,Nature Reviews Earth & Environment,Nature Astronomy

Release time:2022-03-2257

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Nature Astronomy

Nature Reviews Earth & Environment

Nature Synthesis


Period of validity : Mar. 23- May. 22

Nature Astronomy publishes research, reviews and commentary at the cutting edge of astronomy, astrophysics and planetary science. Aiming to promote closer interaction between diverse astronomy-relevant disciplines, we consult widely with researchers at all stages of their careers, and more than one third of our commissioned authors are women.

Nature Reviews Earth & Environment is a new online-only reviews journal, publishing monthly from January 2020. We are interested in the latest advances in, and timely syntheses of, research spanning all aspects of Earth and environmental science, incorporating disciplines that fall within, and are related to, the following themes: weather and climate, surface processes, and solid Earth. The reciprocal relationship between the environment and society are also featured. Our broad scope and accessible format ensures that articles reache the widest possible audience.

Nature Synthesis is a new online journal, to be launched in January 2022. The journal is interested in all aspects of synthesis, from making discrete molecules to extended materials, as well as technological innovations leading to significant advances in synthetic methods and processes.