Update on Library Services During COVID-19 Control and Prevention Period

Release time:2022-03-0669

Dear patrons,

According to current situation and requirement of COVID-19 prevention and control of the university, in order to better service faculty and students, it is decided that the Yidan Library is to reopen from March 7 as usual. Relevant service arrangements are as follows:

1.Service is suspended at the Service Center. Document Delivery, Recommending a Purchase, Scholarly Output Reporting, and Information Literacy Education Programs are still provided online. Please refer to the service guide on the library website for directions of how to use these services online.

2.Group study rooms are closed, so is the online reservation system.

3.Books housed in the Lynn Library can be borrowed on call in the way as below:

3.1 Send user’s information (name, Campus Card No. and cell phone number) to: lib_ref@sustech.edu.cn.

3.2 When receiving the required information, the library staff will contact the reader for how to get the book at the Lynn Library.

Tips: Please wear a mask when entering the library, keep a safe space from each other, and observe the campus pandemic prevention policy.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused during this period. The library will keep you updated with changes of its services along with the development of the university’s policies for the fight against Covid-19.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact:lib_ref@sustech.edu.cn.


March 6, 2022