Trial on RESSET Chinese Enterprise Big Data Platform

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RESSET Chinese Enterprise Big Data Platform——An academic-focused corporate dynamic information resource center.

  • Massive Data Updated in Real Time

The platform covers the dynamic information of 260 million+ social subjects across the country, with an average of 5 million new pieces of data per day. The total amount of data reaches 100T, involving 50 billion pieces of data.  

  • Comprehensive Coverage of Enterprise Dimensions

The platform includes Industrial and Commercial Information Database, Investment and Financing Database, Enterprise Credit Database, Enterprise Qualification Database, Judicial Document Database, Intellectual Property Database, Bidding Database, Standard Database, Achievement Reward Database, Product Database, Land Database, Talent Database, National Fund Database, Listing Information Database, Recruitment Database, a total of 15 professional database products covering all-dimensional information such as enterprise information, enterprise development, business status, compliance with laws and regulations, intellectual property rights, and achievement awards.

  • Multi-Dimensional Precise Correlation

Various data of the enterprise are accurately correlated and displayed to form a holographic portrait of the enterprise. According to the NLP semantic analysis and matching algorithm, the enterprise association relationship is deeply mined. The data can be used in economics, credit management, corporate finance, business administration, accounting, financial management and other majors for high-precision enterprise research, industrial chain analysis, enterprise innovation ability research, enterprise credit research, etc.