Notice on the Extension of Opening Hours at Yidan Library

Release time:2021-10-14212

Dear Patrons:

Yidan Library has been a hot spot for independent and group studies ever since its opening, especially the 24 hours learning space on the first floor. Recently the library has noticed seats at the 24hr space are more contested for due to the fact that many of you want to stay in the library until 24:00. 

In response to the demand of patrons, the library decides to extend operation hours till 24:00 for the 2nd - 4th floors of Yidan Library, starting from October 17, 2021. The opening hours of Lynn library and Learning Nexus remain unchanged.



In order to make better use of the library space, please take your belongings with you when leaving in order for seats to be available for others. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Should you have further questions, please contact us at 0755-88010800. As always, the library is ready to serve you any time.



October 14, 2021