Trial on CIDP Manufacturing Industry Knowledge Resources Platform

Release time:2021-05-31186

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Period of validity : Jun. 01- Oct. 31


The CIDP Manufacturing Industry Knowledge Resources Platform is built by CIDP Digital Technologies Co., Ltd, the joint venture established between CIP (Chemical Industry Press) and Israel CDI Systems. This platform incorporates the advanced DRM protection technology, information retrieval echnology and e-commerce tools provided by CDI company of Israel, and it takes the massive resources from Chinese mechanical engineering, aerospace, automotive, machine tools and other manufacturing industry. Based on national standards and industrial standards, and referring to the international standards, the platform creates the knowledge unit database that covers the manufacturing industry related contents,such as the mechanical design, mechanical processing, numerical control technology, and so on. It provides the mechanical parts library covering more than 820,000 mechanical parts, including the design parameters of the parts and 2D/3D models (supporting SolidWorks, UG NX, Pro /Engineer, CATIA and so on). Aimed at serving for product designers, technical engineers and college students and teachers, the platform analyzes, arranges and disseminates all kinds of knowledge of manufacturing industry from a systematic, scientific and professional perspective, offering professional, authoritative and innovative digital information service for the whole industry!