Experts from the US Help the Library Develop a Three-Year Strategic Plan

Release time:2017-03-13236

Two American experts, Dr. Camila Alire, Dean Emeritus at Colorado State University and New Mexico University, and Mr. Haipeng Li, University Librarian at the University of California at Merced, visited the SUSTech campus from March 6th to the 9th, helping the library in its development of a three-year strategic plan.

There are four components in the first stage of this project. First, a student survey was conducted over the course of two weeks. The library received over 1,600 (more than 60% of all SUSTech students) responses. Second, the experts interviewed the university leadership, finding out what the university’s demands and expectations of the library are in the long run. Third, three faculty focus group sessions and one graduate student focus group session were organized, seeking opinions from the target service community. Lastly, discussion meetings with library staff were organized, focusing on what the library team should do to make a world class academic library here at SUSTech.

The project will be completed in two stages. Stage one is focused on data collection and analysis. Based on the results of stage one, stage two will be focusing on strategic planning. By early June of this year, a report detailing the three-year plan will be completed, which will show directions for the development of the SUSTech Library for years 2017-2020 with specific goals and actions for each year.

Mr. Haipeng Li and Dr. Camila Alire host a Faculty Focus Group Session

A faculty group posing for a photo in front of the Lynn Library building

Faculty Focus Group Session

Focus Group Session for Graduate Students

Focus Group Session for Library Staff