E Henian visited JHM Library

Release time:2017-08-21189

On August 10-11, Mr E Henian, Director of SUSTech Library, visited the Welch Medical Library of Johns Hopkins Medicine in the U.S.. It was a return visit to the SUSTech Library visit by Ms. Anne Seymour, Director of Welch Medical Library, in mid-April, 2017. The purpose of Mr. E’s visit was to further exchanges between the two libraries on the collaboration between JHM for establishing SUSTech Medical School – the library component.

Mr. E had several sessions with the management team and some of the staff on some key areas of the operation of a top-tier medical library, such as service models, collection development, applicable technologies, space management and human resources. Both parties showed strong confidence in future cooperation, expressed high expectation for the SUSTech Medical Library in vision, and reached a consensus that both parties will pro-actively make contributions for a successful collaboration.