Tours and Training Sessions for New Students

Release time:2017-09-18190

In September when the golden autumn is around the corner, a cohort of about 1500 new students (1005 undergraduates, 18 international students and 472 graduate students) joined the SUSTech family. The library greeted them by providing tours and training sessions from September 7th to September 18th in order for them to be able to make best use of the library.

For Undergraduates 

To make the training sessions more lively and more effective, the library organized tours and interactive training sessions, helping them learn how to use self-service machine and self-service book-sterilization, how to log in My Library and reserve group study rooms, as well as how to locate books on the stacks.

Library tour for students of Shu Ren College

Librarian introducing Oxford World Classics Series and call numbers

Collaborative learning space and the white board: “How amazing!” one student shouted. 

For International Students

This is the second year SUSTech recruits overseas students, who make the campus look more international. As they need more specialized training, the library held a specific and detailed session with a focus on the English version of library website, explaining how to find books, reserve group study rooms, etc. After the session, the librarian took the students for a library tour.

In line with the ambition of the university to become a world class university that excels in research, the library is also on its way of internalization. On the one hand, with adequate funding provided by the university for collection development, the library provides ample resources for every program offered, using top tier universities as benchmarks. On the other, bilingual (Chinese and English) services are provided, e.g. the library website and “how to” guides for using facilities and spaces. 

The librarian introducing the pages of the library website

Librarian demonstrating how to use the self-service machine

For Graduate Students

Graduate students normally have some experiences using libraries, so the library organized for them two sessions on the topic “How to search and analyze literature using WoS ”, introducing electronic resources and services provided by the library and how to do in-depth searches for a research project, using Web of Science.

Session on Web of Science

 Librarian explaining Boolean operators to graduate students