Access the MET English Learning E-resources

Release time:2017-10-01184



Access: Visit the website inside the campus and access directly. Register an account for using outside the campus which should be activated every three months by login inside the campus.

Available on Mobile: Search MET on Wechat Mini Program and log in with the account you have registered inside the campus. You should also activate it every three months by login from computer inside the campus.

Brief Introduction

MET English Learning E-resources, the platform of Library Cup Guangdong English Speaking Contest, applies the world's leading intelligent speech analysis and evaluation system. MET cooperates with famous English publishers and magazines in China and abroad to select all kinds of courses for learners at different levels and in different fields. Possessing an enormous number of courses and scientific training patterns, MET provides an authentic language environment for learners to practice and improve. Learners are able to experience the creative learning methods, such as having a conversation with the computer and challenge other learners, etc.