Reopening of the second and third floor of the library and prizes for experiencing

Release time:2017-10-13243

On October 15th, the second and third floor of the library will reopen and be available for public use after 3 months of renovation, which guarantees both functionality and user experience. Besides more group study rooms, a variety of new learning spaces will also emerge.

# Brand new space #

The former area of newspapers and journals on the second floor has been renovated to have diversified functions. A semi-open group activity area features various furniture, high-definition large screen computers and whiteboards. A reading area provides comfortable sofas and super computers with high fidelity headsets.

[Group activity area on the second floor]

[Reading area on the second floor]

 On the third floor, though the locations of computer hub and group study rooms remain unchanged, the comfort and function of these spaces are greatly improved with high-end furniture. Sound insulation and the equivalents of the group study rooms are upgraded to meet patrons’ demand.

[Closed group discussion room on the third floor]

[Computer hub on the third floor]

The study area on the third floor is a new learning space, which provides movable desks and chairs and whiteboards for various activities.

[Study area on the third floor]

# Prizes for experiencing the new spaces#

To reward the patrons’ understanding and support for the renovation project, from October 15th to October 31st, the library prepares fine gifts for the first 200 on-campus patrons who post pictures of the second or third floor of the library on WeChat and get 20 likes. (Claim gifts by presenting your WeChat on the service desk on the first floor of the library on a first come first serve basis.)