Library invited Emily Lin to Share Experiences of Digitization

Release time:2017-10-17193

In the afternoon of Oct. 16th, Emily Lin, Head of Digital Curation and Scholarship, Library of University of California at Merced, was invited by SUSTech library to give a talk on Management of Digital Assets in Research Libraries.

First, Emily introduced the role library plays in digitization and what library can contribute from six dimensions: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. Then, she shared her experiences of digitization in the UC Merced library. At last, Emily talked about how to manage research data and how to deal with problems and challenges that may arise in digital management. After the talk, the participants communicated extensively with Emily concerning data management, platform building and other aspects.

This talk provides guidance to our future work of data management both theoretically and practically, and the participants benefit a lot from it.

Emily Lin in Discussion

Emily Lin Listening to Questions