Trial on EMED

Release time:2017-11-06198


Access: EMED Databases are accessible on two versions of data platforms. 1) dXweb allows advanced data manipulations, producing graphics and Workfiles, transferring data and setting up in-house databases. 2) dXbrowse is an online access allowing simple operations for data downloads and saving Workfiles.

1.To install dXweb by authorised users only, please click the following link (30MB in size): 

Installation Password: bluemeson

When firstly run the program please input:

Name: sustc_library

Organisation: SUSTC Library

Email address:

Serial number: 59B48-7046F-32BF1-AED6A-D056C

2.To visit dXbrowse with controlled campus IP ddresses:

Please register your personal account to use Workfiles function:

Period of validity : Oct.13-Jan.12

EMED (Emerging Markets Economic Data Limited), established in 2001, is a leading provider of economic and financial data. EMED proprietary databases now have comprised of approximately 8.3 million time series covering 1.3 million official time series from primary sources, 6.7 million trend data, and 300,000 forecasted data for more than 200 countries and regions. The data has been categorized by harmonization of 23 thematic macroeconomic topics to facilitate data analysis and cross referencing. Databases on trial are including EMED Emerging Americas, EMED Emerging Asia, EMED Emerging CIS, EMED Emerging EMEA, EMED G7 & Europe, EMED EuroStat, EMED Forecast.