Trial on iG Publishing

Release time:2017-11-07182



Period of validity : Oct.20-Dec.31

iG Publishing was founded in 2005 in Singapore. The company is devoted to the cooperation with more than 100 renowned publishers all over the world, including famous business publishers, university publishers and publishers from academic associations. iG Publishing is responsible for operating their eBook databases and offering an electronic platform for users to access to their publications. As a major vendor of eBooks in Asia-pacific region, the large repository of over 102,000 titles of eBooks covers various fields such as technology and engineering, business and economy, medicine and health, human and social sciences, law as well as featured collections of Asian studies and themed collections from university publishers. To keep up with the emerging needs of customers, iG Publishing is ceaselessly updating and optimizing its online resources with innovated technologies, aiming at making information transformation easier and fulfilling our duty to satisfy all the information needs of our customers.