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PatSnap provides the tools to help business leaders, analysts, researchers, engineers and IP professionals to unlock this intelligence and to make business-focused decisions.  

Patent coverage

Our weekly updated database covers more than 118 million patents from 128 jurisdictions and 22 intellectual property office databases globally. With PatSnap's one-click translation, you have constant access to the most up-to-date information, no matter where it's from.

Keyword helper

Capture all the relevant terms in your search with PatSnap’s keyword helper. Enter terms into the box and PatSnap will scan through millions of other patents to suggest similar or alternative words that you may want to incorporate into your search.

Semantic search

Semantic search is a quick and easy way of searching for patents that are relevant to a portion of text that you’ve provided. Semantic patent search reviews the text and compares keywords against our patent database. Each word is ranked by its commonality across all patents and less common words are given higher importance.

Citation mapping

Evaluate a full chain of associated technologies by following forward and backward citations for each patent. Identify the most cited patents, which are potentially more significance in a particular sector, and track these from initial concepts right the way through to latest applications. Use Citation Analysis to discover licensing opportunities, understand the competition and determine if (or when) to challenge a pending patent.