Trial on Database of Chinese Classics Ancient Books

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Period of validity : Apr. 24- May. 31

Database of Chinese Classic Ancient Books is a comprehensive large-scale ancient books database, successively ranked as the key project of Ancient Books Committee of National University and the key national electronic publication. It is chiefly edited by Liu Junwen, professor of Peking University, and developed by Beijing Erudition Digital Technology Research Center.

Database of Chinese Classic Ancient Books collects important works from Pre-Qin Period to the Republic of China, including handed-down masterpieces, basic literatures of various disciplines, and specia works of shortage make-up effect. By adopting Erudition’s particular digital technology, each ancient book is provided with a digitalized full text with the original image of one or two rare editions. The database incorporates a total of 10,000 kinds of books containing 170,000 volumes, and 12,500 versions containing 200,000 volumes. There are 1.7 billion characters in full texts and 12 million pages of images, with a total data of 330G. Covering all of Chinese culture and history, the database holds as much content as 3 sets of Si Ku Quan Shu (Imperial Collection of Four), so it is the largest digital publication of Chinese ancient books throughout the world and also the biggest collection of classics of successive dynasties in the history of China.

Database of Chinese Classic Ancient Books allows for fast and efficient searching of complex queries. Complemented with ten basic functions and two ancillary tools effortlessly integrating reading, annotating, download and print work, it not only helps users acquire vast academic views, but also improves their research efficiency.