New Spaces, New Experience -- the library celebrated reopening of its first floor and awarded student survey winners

Release time:2017-04-06182

In the morning of April 5th, the library celebrated reopening of the renovated first floor and awarded 2017 SUSTech Library Student Survey winners in the leisure zone of Lynn library. Ms. Guo Yurong, Chief of SUSTech CPC, Prof. Wu Chuanyue, Vice-president, and Mr. E Henian, Library Director were present at the event.

Guided by Mr. E, Ms. Guo, Pro. Wu and the students visited the areas of the renovated first floor, which won wide praise for its diverse learning spaces.

Tour of the first floor

Mr. E briefly introduced the student survey in the award ceremony afterwards. Pro Wu shared his story with library when he was in college and encouraged the students to be frequent users of the library.

Ms. Guo expressed thanks to the students. She said, while it is only 5 years since the Ministry of Education approved the founding of SUSTech in April 2012, we have witnessed rapid growth of the university, owing to the participation of the students. She firmly believes that SUSTech students are unique. Ms. Guo endorsed the library survey gathering opinions from the students by questionnaire. She also hoped that the students could make suggestions for the renovation of the second and third floor of the library, making the library the most popular spot on campus.

At the end of the event, Ms. Guo presented the special prize of iPad to the winner Boyao Wang from Zhicheng College. Pro. Wu presented the first prize of Kindle to the winners, Yi Zhang and Fenglei Li. Mr. E presented the second prize of Bracelet of Mi to Wan Cai and other 7 winners.

Ms. Guo presented the special prize of iPad to the winner Boyao Wang.

Pro. Wu presented the first prize to the winners, Yi Zhang and Fenglei Li.

Supported by the leadership and other departments of the university, the library completed its first floor renovation project in 6 months beginning from last September, and made it available to students on April 5th.

The renovated first floor of the library provides faculty and students a variety of customized learning spaces such as the leisure zone, quiet study zone, closed discussion rooms and open discussion area. Different colors are used on the wall and the floor to create a youthful and lively environment.

Spring is the perfect time for reading; the first floor is ready for you and we look forward to seeing you again!

Photo of the event participants