Trial on The Rockefeller University Press

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Period of validity : May. 04- Jun. 30

Rockefeller University Press (RUP) is committed to quality and integrity in scientific publishing. Our goal is to publish excellent science using the latest technologies. We carry out rigorous peer review, applying the highest standards of novelty, mechanistic insight, data integrity, and general interest.

In the internet age, the ability to distribute information is no longer restricted to publishers, and everyone is overloaded with information. Thus, the current value of a scientific publisher is that we carry out peer review, and by doing so we publish only those papers reporting significant conceptual advances.

The review process for all three RUP journals is carried out in conjunction with academic editors.

Journal of Cell Biology》: The original international journal of cell biology,the JCB began publication in 1955. The Journal continues to provide a rigorous forum for important topics in cell biological research.

Journal of Experimental Medicine》: The JEM began publication in 1896. Over a hundred years later, the JEM continues to provide an important forum for advances in research areas that include immunology, infectious disease, inflammation, hematopoiesis, microbial pathogenesis, oncology,stem cells, vaccines, virology, and vascular biology

Journal of General Physiology》:The JGP began publication in 1918. The Journal publishes original articles that elucidate basic biological, chemical, or physical mechanisms of broad physiological significance. Major emphasis is on physiological problems at the cellular and molecular level.