Trial on Database of Chinese Local Records& Database of Chinese Genealogy

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Period of validity : May. 05- May. 31

Database of Chinese Local Records is a specialized large-scale database of ancient books.

Database of Chinese Local Records collects works of local chronicles from Han-Wei Dynasties to the Republic of China, including: countrywide general geographical annals (for example, annals of the earth, annals of land unification, etc), various local annals (annals of each province, annals of each prefecture, annals of autonomous prefecture, etc), all kinds of specialized annals (annals of mountains and rivers, annals of frontier defence, annals of capital, annals of palace, annals of ancestral hall and grave, annals of garden and annals of academy, etc.), all kinds of comprehensive annals (local annals, annals of product, annals of custom, annals of archaeology and annals of traveling, etc.), and annals of foreign countries (annals of the whole world, annals of one country, annals of many nations, etc), which reach to more than 1,000 kinds.

Database of Chinese Genealogy is a specialized large-scale database of ancient books.

Database of Chinese Genealogy collects works of genealogy of successive dynasties, including family genealogy (ancestor pedigree, clan pedigree, generation pedigree, family pedigree, family tree, etc), chronicle (chronological biography, chronological table, and chronological record of events, events annals, self-statement etc), genealogy of official career (roster of nomination, roster of all candidates, roster of people holding official positions, roster of officials of all ranks and descriptions, etc ), and daily records (diary, daily minutes keeping, daily chart, daily letter, etc), amounting to a total of 10,000 kinds.