Trial on Science Reading

Release time:2018-05-21245

The library has applied for the trial of <Science Reading> database, welcome facilitators and students to access the database and provide us feedback especially on usage problems.

Information Page: 

Access:  或  

Period of validity: May 10, 2018 - Aug. 2, 2018

Note: For downing and reading E-Books, CajViewer software is needed. The download link of software is on the right bottom of home page. The downloaded E-Books could be locally saved for 14 days and be reloaded.


Brief Introduction:

Science Reading, a platform of Science Press with the function of full text digital books search, online browsing, downloading, is a treasure of wisdom of outstanding scientists. At present, it includes more than 40000 kinds of E-Books, including: Mathematics, Geoscience, Chemical Materials, Resources and Environment, Life Science, Management Science, etc..