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Introduction of the database:

“51CTO College”-a database for IT skills learning, online (, hereinafter referred to as “51CTO College”) as a new platform for IT skills learning online of colleges and universities is built by Beijing China Creator Information Technology co., LTD and Beijing Free Thinker Information Technology Co., Ltd. The platform is based on the video resources of IT from 51CTO College which is the biggest platform for IT education and training online in China. The objective of the platform which can improve the modern information technology accomplishment and practical ability of the students is to provide self-service IT training courses which are professional, practical and high qualified.

After nine years of accumulation, the 51CTO College gathers the best training courses for IT technology in China. At present, the 51CTO College has more than 1100 high-quality lecturers (twenty percent of them are well-known Chinese lecturers and 52 percent are first-line technical engineers), and more than 126 technical categories, such as virtualization, operations, networks, security, mobile development, database and so on. The 51CTO College has more than 8,000 courses, nearly 170,000 classes which are over 50,000 hours and more than 50 million views.

In recent years, the 51CTO College is the first in the field of lecturers, courses, user scale and activity level which relies on its unique faculty, its forefront and practical courses and its high-quality service. And it has been successfully used in hundreds of colleges and universities.

Characteristics of the database:

Keep abreast of cutting-edge technology and cover all new technologies;

Keep update fast and be much more practical;

More than 90% of the courses are exclusive.