About Login Failure of “My Library”

Release time:2018-10-01177

Dear patrons,

“My Library” of the library system “Primo” has encountered some technical problems and patrons are unable to login, which causes inconvenience. The library has been conducting investigations.

We found that the problem is caused by some interface problems of “Primo” and the Centralized authorization system (CAS) of the university. After interface encapsulation, the library is unable to modify interface program because of privilege limit. Only Ex Libris company, the provider of the system, can modify it, but the library is now working closely with Ex Libris to deal with it. However, it is expected that this will take a relatively long period of time.

During this time, patrons can use Superstar Mobile library, self-service machine to view loan information and renew books. They can also email lib_ref@sustech.edu.cn for help.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for understanding.



September 30, 2018