Library team visited 3 libraries in Singapore

Release time:2018-12-12174

On November 28, the SUSTech team met with some senior librarians of NTU libraries and exchanged ideas with a focus on research data management and the application of emerging technologies. After discussions, Mr. SEAH Eng Kiat Frank, head of Office of Information, Knowledge and Library Services, took the SUSTech team on a tour of the Lee Wee Nam Library.


FIG. 1: Discussion session with librarians of NTU Libraries

图2 SEAH Eng Kiat Frank先生向出访小组展示图书馆新型设施

FIG. 2:  Mr. SEAH Eng Kiat Frank showing new facilities of the library to the SUSTech team

On November 29, the SUSTech team visited NUS Libraries and met with the Ms. LEE Cheng Ean, University Librarian and her senior management team. In the first session, the two sides discussed issues involved in organizational structure, collection development and new services of the library. In the second session, discussions focused on understanding of institutional repository, data management and information literacy courses. SUSTech team visited three libraries on the NUS campus in the afternoon.

图3 出访小组参观新加坡国立大学科学图书馆

FIG. 3: Tour of the Science Library of NUS

On November 30, the SUSTech team was warmly received by Ms. Gulcin Cribb, University Librarian of SMU and her senior management team. After exchanging and sharing ideas on organizational structure, resources and services with their SMU counterparts, the SUSTech team spent two hours studying different spaces designed and created and tested various technologies used in the Li Ka Shing Library and Kwa Geok Choo Law library.

图4 出访小组与新加坡管理大学图书馆馆长Gulcin Cribb女士等人合影

FIG. 4: A photo with Ms. Gulcin Cribb and her colleagues.