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KELEDGE E-books is the exclusive platform for new e-books of many well-known Professional publishing house in china.

KELEDGE E-books provides more than 100,000 official e-books for online reading. These E-book include the latest books in 2018 and continuous updating. Realize the synchronization of paper books and e-books.

There are more than 22 famous professional publishing house get involved in KELEDGE E-books platform, including Publishing House Of Electronics Industry, Posts&Telecom Press, Chemical Industry Press, TsingHua University Press, China Communications Publishing&Media Management Co.,Ltd and so on.

KELEDGE E-books covers Architectural design, Network security, Mobile communications, Computer applications, Humanities and many other social sciences fields. Related disciplines include Philosophy, Economics, Law, Education, Literature, History, Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine, Military, Management.