Notice on Accessing Databases Off-campus During Winter Vacation

Release time:2019-01-08194

Dear patrons,

During the winter vacation, you have two options to access certain library-subscribed databases off-campus, besides accessing by VPN. Details are as follows:

1. Accessing by registering for remote access personal account. Within the university IP scope, download APP from the database websites, register and log in to activate remote access personal account. After the account is activated, you can log in to access the databases off-campus. These databases include: IEEE, ACS, ScienceDirect and CNKI. Please see attachment for details .

2. Accessing by logging in public account off-campus. Use the public account provided by the vendors (only during the winter vacation) to log in off- campus. Please contact for the public account, indicating the database you want to visit, your department, your name and your campus card number in the email. These databases include Wanfang, EBSCO and ProQuest.

If you have problem when accessing databases off-campus through the above two ways, please contact or 88010807.

If you need to access other databases through VPN, please apply through the Office of Information Technology Services. See for detail. Contact number: 88010777.

Wish you a pleasant winter vacation!

SUSTech Library
January 8, 2019

Off-campus Access for IEEE, ACS, Science Direct and CNKI.docx