Notification on changing the new domain email address of personal account registered with library-subscribed databases

Release time:2019-04-04186

Dear patrons,

Due to change of the university website domain name, is changed to, is changed to, will no longer be used from October 23, 2019.


To ensure that you can use the library-subscribed databases as usual, patrons need to change/use the new email address, instructed as follows.

  1. For the databases of WRDS, SciFinder,, Turnitin and Times Higher Education, patrons who have not registered need to register with new domain email address from now on. Patrons who have registered with old domain email address need to pay attention to the following:

(1)       Vendors of WRDS, SciFinder, and have changed your registered email address to the new domain email address.

(2)       For Turnitin and Times Higher Education, patrons must log in to the existing personal account to change their email address in the setting page.

  1. For other databases, the access, search and download do not involve personal accounts and the change of domain name does not affect the use of database. The registered personal account has personalized functions such as subscription or saving search history, which has nothing to do with access rights. Patrons can log in to their personal accounts to change registered email address or register with the new domain email address.

If you have any question, please contact Ms. Caidi Wang at, 0755-88010812.

SUSTech Library

April 2, 2019