Trial on Science and Technology Report Database

Release time:2019-04-09201

The trial of “Science and Technology Report Database” has opened in our library. Welcome teachers and students to use it and give us feedback on your evaluation and problems during usage.

Database details:

 Access entry:

Trial time: Apr. 04, 2019 to Oct. 03, 2019 

Introduction to database:

The scientific and technical reports belong to a special literature that completely and truly reflects the technical contents and experiences of scientific research institution activities in which scientific research institutions or scientific research personnel engage. The scientific and technical reports cover formal reports or records of some scientific research projects or activities, most of which are reports in which research design units or individuals report the progress of achievements in their research designs or development projects to relevant departments or organizations in the written form, generally including the writers’ suggestions and conclusions to the research. The scientific and technical reports are characterized in that

  1. The research covers cutting-edge projects and lead-edge topics. The contents are novel, most of which are the latest research achievements, which are high in perspectiveness. Many of the latest scientific achievements in scientific research and explorations tend to appear in the scientific and technical report firstly;

  2. The report is informative and professional in contents, to which detailed data, charts and fact data are attached, not only reflecting successful experiences, but also covering lessons from technical failure;

  3. The scope of issuance is controlled. Most of the reports belong to confidential literatures, which are presented in the form of internal data, and only can be opened upon decryption.

Inclusion scope of the library

  1. DE reports: Scientific research reports established by the scientific research institutions subordinate to Department of Energy and their contract units. The report covers physics, chemistry, material science, biology, environment science, energy and other fields.

  2. AD reports: Reports collected and published by the Defense Technical Information Center.

  3. NASA reports: Reports published by the National Aeronautics & Space Administration.

  4. PB reports: Reports published by the Office of Publication Board.

  5. Other reports: The literature service platform also includes research reports from other governmental agencies, social organizations, research institutions and universities in science and technology and economy, including reports provided by the University of North Texas, the National Academy of Sciences, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, the Netherlands National Information System for Academic Research and Cooperation, the Columbia University, the Rand Corporation, the International Monetary Fund, the Department of Economics of the University of Washington, HP Labs technical Reports, the Stanford Computer Science Technical Reports, IBM Research Reports and Documents & Reports of the World Bank Group.

Features of literature service platform

  1. Total inclusion quantity: The platform includes more than 4 million records in terms of bibliography abstract data, with more than 2.83 million literatures in terms of total full-text data.

  2. Years included: 1900 to the present.

  3. Data increment: About 30,000 to 50,000 new scientific and technical reports are added every year.

  4. Data updating: Data from the website and mirror sites of the center is updated quarterly.

  5. Data capacity: The bibliography retrieval system accounts for about 20 G, and the full text accounts for about 6T.

  6. Retrieval method: Fast retrieval, advanced retrieval, discipline classification navigation, research institution navigation, keyword navigation, secondary retrieval, etc.