Training Course Offered Jointly by Library and Office of Research for Secretaries of Scholarly Work from Faculties

Release time:2019-04-16232

In order to provide better research service and support, Office of Research and Library have worked out a joint plan of offering a series of training courses for secretaries of scholarly work from faculties. The first course was held on April 10, 2019 at the G309 classroom in the library with 30 secretaries attended.

Mr. Henian E, Library Director, shared his views from three perspectives on the significance of such trainings. He hopes the training will help improve the management of scholarly output work and the quality and efficiency of services required.

The first part of the training course was given by Ms. Wu from Office of Research. She introduced the requirements and procedures of application for scientific research awards in details, and shared the working plan of Office of Research.

The second part of the training course entitled “Introduction to ESI category analysis” was conducted by Mr. Wang Yu, subject librarian, which covered the use of ESI (Essential Science Indicators) and Incites to assess the academic performance of universities and scholars on ESI category, and how to benchmark the category performance of SUSTech with that of other universities.