Gemma Hersh & Mr. E Henian met for issues involved in Open Access

Release time:2019-04-17191

On April 12, Ms. Gemma Hersh, Senior Vice President of Elesvier for Global Policy, visited Mr. E Henian, Library Director, for a discussion on issues involved in Open Access.

Open Access is a campaign launched by the international academic sector, publishers, information media and libraries, promoting the free and unrestricted use of scientific research findings.

Ms. Hersh and Mr. E shared views on factors that prevented the advance of OA in the past 20 years, the current transformation and actions taken by different publishers. Ms. Hersh expressed her appreciation to Mr. E for his understanding of the possible position of China on OA movement both in the state perspective and the research or academic sector’s perspective.

Mr. E emphasized that Open Access is beneficial to scientific research. It can promote the dissemination of scientific knowledge effectively, and contribute to the development of innovative society. The SUSTech library will continue to be supportive of OA. He also expressed his hope that Elsevier should take active actions to welcome OA as it is an irreversible trend . He said, as a leading academic publisher in the world, Elsevier should find ways to achieve a win-win solution with sectors involved. Ms. Hersh expressed her great appreciation to Mr. E for his views and said such a discussion is a good example to arrive at the objectives of OA. She hoped to see more collaborations between SUSTech and Elsevier in future.