Notice of Library Logo Design Competition

Release time:2019-05-31197

SUSTech Library was officially established in February 2011 at the start-up campus. The Lynn Library was opened for use in September 2013. Two more new libraries will be added on campus in 2020. Looking back on the past, the library has provided services for more than 8 years by now, and has a long way to go while looking forward to the future.

The library logo, as the foundation of library's visual image, is of far-reaching significance to the library. After serious consideration, now we decide to invite members of the SUSTech community for competition of the library logo. Detailed information for the competition is as follows:


1、Design and Submission Requirements:

     i. The theme of the work is to conform to the image characteristics of the library as a literature guarantee center, knowledge and academic activity center, reflecting the library's values of service-oriented, innovation-driven, reader first, and win-win cooperation, and also have the characteristics of Southern University of Science and Technology.

     ii. The work shall include at least a design draft and a written description.

     iii. Artwork Requirements:

  • It requires unique creativity, healthy content, simpleness and generosity, clear pattern, concise color, and easy for identification and memory.

  • It should be well applicable to all kinds of media and carriers like electronic and paper, plane and three-dimensional, etc.

  • It should be stored in JPG format. Besides, the pattern shall be controlled within 1200 x 1200 pixels, the color mode RGB color, the size controlled under 2M, the resolution of the image above 300dpi, and it shall be clear enough to use when reduced to 100 x 100 pixels. At the same time, the designer is asked to keep the high-precision design manuscript, so that it can be provided to the library once selected.

     iv. The text description shall include the design concepts explaining the creative ideas and the connotation of the works, and the design description including logo graphics, standard fonts (in Chinese and English), the combination method, and indicate the standard proportion and standard color. Besides, the written expression should be rigorous, normative, detailed and the text description stored as a Word document.


2、Deadline for Contribution: September 30, 2019



One first prize: an iPad worth about 3,500 yuan.

Two second prizes: a Kindle worth about 1000 yuan.

Seven finalists: one mobile hard disk (1TB) worth about 350 yuan.

All the above winners are awarded certificates of honor.

All of awards are sponsored by  China Educational Publications Import & Export Corporation Ltd.


4、Selecting Methods:

     i. The first round of selection: the library will set up a selection team, which will select excellent works from the collected works for online voting and selects 10 shortlisted works.

     ii. The final round: the 10 finalists will present the details and ideas of their works in front of a panel of experts organized by the library for scoring works presented. Final decision for winners will be made accordingly by the panel.


5、Related Statement:

     i. The bidding works shall be original with complete intellectual property rights, which have not been published in any form, publicly displayed in any way, or known to the public in any way; They shall not copy, imitate, paraphrase or graft other's works and creative ideas to avoid violating the rights and interests of third parties. If the contribution involves infringement disputes, the contributor should bear all the adverse consequences and it has nothing to do with the organizer. If any losses or adverse influences are caused to the sponsor, the contributor shall bear legal responsibility to the sponsor.

     ii. Once the selected works are accepted, the sponsor has the right to make necessary adjustments. The intellectual property rights and the right to use them shall be owned by the Library of Southern University of Science and Technology from the very beginning. The right of authorship of an unaltered work is vested in the creator, and the altered work is signed by the school and the creator. The organizer is entitled to register, use, develop, authorize, license or protect the work without the permission of the composer who may also not transfer or use the work.

     iii. The selected works, whether winning or not, will not be returned. Please keep your manuscript by yourself.

     iv. The competition is a collection activity for public benefit, and the sponsor reserves the right of final interpretation.

     v. Submission is deemed to agree to all contents of this statement.


6、Submission Methods:

     i. Submit a design draft: in JPG format.

     ii. Submit a design description: it includes the design concepts and the meaning of artwork component in detail, in Word document format.


Please send your works to (The email subject: Logo design + author’s name + contact information)


Welcome your contributions, and we're looking forward to your ideas and works!



May 31, 2019