The Lynn Library–The International Students’Experience

Release time:2019-08-30188

August 29th saw 29 international students (18 freshmen and 11 Ph.D  candidates) to join the SUSTech family, and they navigated the library with the help of the librarian.

As happens each year, while touring the library, students learned how to use the book sterilizer and the self-checkout machine. Knowing the collection, especially different English collections, was the highlight of the tour, such as magazines, newspapers, the Oxford World’s Classics, fictions, etc. After the tour, they had short session with the librarian who introduced to them the service hours, rules, electronic resources, databases and other information useful for their studies.

The students were amazed by the abundant resources, various flexible services and pleasant environment. We do believe that the library would play an important role in their student life on SUSTech campus.

Librarian showing how to use the self-checkout machine

Students learning how to use electronic resources

Group photo