The Lynn Library–The Postgraduates’ Experience

Release time:2019-09-02194

In September, we show our welcome to all the new comers. As it is the first year that SUSTech can enroll and cultivate postgraduates, it is necessary to guide the new people to know the library intensively. One lecture, which named “Lynn, the way to the great collection---first sight of the library”, is conducted by the library and postgraduate school, in order to help the new postgraduates to exert the function of the library in their postgraduate career completely.

This lecture introduces the multifunctional services of the library, including various learning spaces, abundant electronic resources, and specific services for study and research. After this training, the students pose a range of questions actively, aiming at recommending a purchase, renewal, user training, opening time of the new library and etc.

Librarian introducing support service for research


Till now, an end mark is drawn successfully for a serious of the welcome activities and we extend our best wishes to all the new-comers.