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 学科包:BB - Basic Biology基础生物学(6个子集:SE 12342331):


SE 1: General Lab Techniques常用实验室技术,


SE 2: Basic Methods in Cell & Molecular Biology细胞分子生物学的中的基本方法,


SE 3: Yeast, Drosophila and C.elegans实验生物 酵母,果蝇,线虫,


SE 4: Mouse, Zebrafish and Chick 实验生物 老鼠,斑马鱼,原鸡,


SE 23: Essentials of Lab Animal Research 实验动物研究要素,


SE 31: Essentials of Lab Safety 实验安全精要,


 Period of validity: 6 Jan, 2020– 6 Mar, 2020

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JoVE is the world’s first PubMed-indexed scientific video journal. Its mission is to advance scientific research and education by increasing productivity, reproducibility, and efficiency of knowledge transfer for scientists, educators, and students worldwide through visual learning solutions. Today, JoVE has published over 9,600 video articles from institutions including Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and the NIH. These video articles present cutting-edge research in over a dozen different fields of study and are viewed by millions of users in over 900 institutions around the globe.